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Receive a daily spiritual text at 3:33pm

Maksim is the creator of Indigo Minute, who guides people through the self development process, leads daily meditations, and teaches the tools of creating your reality.


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3:33 Text Mantras

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4:44 Guided Meditations

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World Peace Activations

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Ascension Courses

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Spiritual Advisor

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Daily 3:33 Text Examples

“Nothing can stop me except for myself.”

“When I intend to do something, I do it.”

“When in doubt, love. When in love, love more.”

“My ultimate form is untouchable.”

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“When I Am a person, I suffer. When I Am Presence, I Am free.”

“I Am immune to negative energy.”

“I direct my thoughts and emotions with mastery.”

“All my dreams come true within me.”

Maks is brilliant at working with and integrating light body technologies. His harmony with structure and knowledge of many modalities incites magick. Maks is on the leading edge of consciousness as a white wizard holding and spreading unconditional unity and love.


Thank you for continuously making my day brighter!

Shawna Nikole

These mantras truly lift my spirits, and I look forward to reading them everyday.

MonTana Guerrero-Rial

Words could never express the gratitude in my heart for your love of creation.

Rebekah Stetson

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• Daily 3:33 PM Mantra
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• Daily 3:33 PM Mantra
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• Daily 4:44 PM
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• Access To All Upcoming
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