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Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus Meditation

By April 3, 2020December 12th, 2022No Comments

In the quantum field there are thousands of probable futures we can shift into, so we are doing this meditation to cast our vote to experience the most optimal timeline possible. This Ascension timeline is where we transform our collective shadow into Light, and begin the Golden Age of Aquarius that heralds world peace and abundance for all. The Coronavirus is one of the shadow aspects that we will be transmuting back into Light.

The guided meditation is about 20 minutes long, and starts after my introduction at the 5:15 minute mark. It’s recommended by Cobra to do the meditation at the exact moment of the Jupiter Pluto conjunction, which opens a powerful Light portal we can use to magnify our intentions. The exact moment is at 7:45PM PST on 04-04-2020. We are aiming to synchronize in meditation at that exact moment in your timezone, however doing the meditation at any time will also be beneficial. When meditating remember how powerful of a Creator you are. Thank you!