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Beliefs, Emotions, Thoughts, & Actions

By April 7, 2020December 12th, 2022No Comments

This is an introduction to the fundamental templates that define your character, and how to use them to create yourself in expansive ways. Your physical reality is a reflection of who you define yourself to be, so by understanding the building blocks of character building you can unlock experiences that were previously unimaginable to you. These character building blocks are the very definitions that you believe yourself be. From these belief systems arise emotions and then thoughts, which reinforce the definition you have about yourself. Ultimately your actions then follow suit, and you act like the identity you have defined yourself to be. The magic in all of this is that you will always have the ability to define yourself in any way that is most exciting to you. Therefore you can choose to work with these templates in a conscious way to transform your character into the highest vision that you can allow yourself to imagine.