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Dr. Pedram Shojai: The Light Body

By December 22, 2014December 12th, 2022No Comments

Dr. Pedram Shojai is a QiGong Master and Taoist Alchemist teaching the techniques and philosophy of balanced living. He’s also an author and film maker with his main mission being to help enlighten the world, which he does as the founder of

In this Indigo Minute interview we talk about the light body, and the fundamental identity of who we are. Biohacks for manifestation, overcoming fear, and building the relationship with your true self are all discussed. This is a great interview on the mechanics of creation, and a good one for anyone that likes to play! 🙂

On Consciousness:

“Consciousness is the essence of your spirit… Your consciousness is the glue that binds you to all of life.”
— Dr. Pedram Shojai

On Manifestation:

I’ll visualize it, I’ll see it, I’ll breathe life into it, and then I’ll let the universe give me all of the breadcrumbs to follow into the emanation of that.
— Dr. Pedram Shojai